How We Make Deregulation Work for You

You flip a switch and the light comes on or the furnace fires up. It’s fast, simple and reliable. And now, with deregulation, everyone benefits from the power of choice. Here’s how Ambit Energy Canada works to bring the benefits of deregulation to all our Customers.


These companies produce power using wind, natural gas or other resources to drive generation plants and produce electrical power. Others process natural gas so it’s ready to be sent to your home. They sell the energy they produce to power retailers like Ambit Energy Canada.


In Canada, natural gas is delivered by the same company that processes it. Electricity is transmitted by the generated company to a distribution company. Here’s a little more about those processes.

  • Transmission
    Before electricity or natural gas from the generation company reaches your home or business, it travels through kilometers and kilometers of wires or pipe. The transmission company builds and maintains all that important infrastructure to help deliver energy when and where you need it. Ambit Energy Canada works with your local transmission company to make sure your power and gas are always on.
  • Distribution
    Electricity has one more step before it reaches you. The transmission company delivers the power to the distribution company, which sends it directly to homes and businesses. Distribution companies deliver your actual electricity or natural gas, read your meter and provide other services.

Retail Provider

Retail providers like Ambit Energy Canada buy electricity and natural gas on the wholesale market. Our size, long-standing strategic alliances and experience enable us to consistently buy energy on competitive terms and arrange for this energy to be delivered to your local utility economically and efficiently. In fact, our parent company Ambit Energy was one of the first companies to recognize the opportunities that came with deregulation of the energy industry, and we’ve specialized in serving deregulated markets from our beginning. The result? More than 1 million happy Customers, from Augusta, Maine to Osaka, Japan and from La Crete, Alberta to La Villa, Texas.